JAKCOM MC3 Wireless Charging Heating Mouse Pad new product of Mouse Pads match for 3 in 1 wireless charger and keep warm drinks


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JAKCOM MC3 Wireless Charging Heating Mouse Pad new product of Mouse Pads match for 3 in 1 wireless charger and keep warm drinks102

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JAKCOM MC3 Wireless Charging Heating Mouse Pad Price

QuantityFOB Price
Sample10.90 usd/pc
10+pcs8.90 usd/pc
100+pcs7.90 usd/pc
1000+pcs6.90 usd/pc
3000+pcs6.70 usd/pc
JAKCOM MC3 Product Description


  • JAKCOM MC3 Wireless Charging & Heating Mouse Pad
    15W Fast wireless charge | 55℃ wireless heating | 16-inch large panel


  • Less is more
    Three-in-one: wireless charger, wireless heating pad and mouse pad, make complex things simple




  • 15W fast charging at variable frequency
    Adjust output power dynamically according to device, support fast wireless charging at maximum 15W




  • Super power, never picky
    Support QC3.0 high power supply, compatible with non-metallic protective shell with thickness up to 8mm




  • Wireless heating, safe and reliable
    Unique heat preservation function, support wireless heating of all kinds of drinks or food, remote heating, safe and heat insulation




  • 1 KWH supports 3 days of heating
    Keep a cup of hot drink at 55℃ for 3 days and 3 nights only with 1 KWH




  • Full-time protection
    Able to make instant response within 0.1s when equipped with JCP high-precision chip,
    provide meticulous power protection from the start to the very end.


  • Healthy, radiationless
    The built-in ferrite magnetic resistance sheet can effectively isolate scattered electromagnetic wave;
    the product has passed a number of safety tests. It is healthy, environment-friendly and radiationless.


  • 16-inch large panel
    Adopt 16-inch e-sports mouse pad, easy to deal with large-scale mouse action, playing and charging independently of each other




  • Comfortable and waterproof
    Made of water-soluble protein PU, not only mild and skin-friendly,
    but also dirt resistant and water proof, acquire a completely new outlook after wiped with damp cloth


  • Parameters and details
    Registered brand: JAKCOM
    Product model: MC3
    Product size:343mm x 221mm x 6mm
    Product material: PU+ABS
    Input interface: Type-C
    Product weight: 345g
    Input current: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Max
    Recommended to match QC3.0 USB power adapter of 18W and above
    Output power: 15W Max
    Wireless standard: Qi EPP
    Temperature range: 55° C
    Accessories list: Mouse pad, host, fast charging data cable, wireless heating patch, product manual




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JAKCOM MC3 Wireless Charging Heating Mouse Pad new product of Mouse Pads match for 3 in 1 wireless charger and keep warm drinks102

Weight1 kg
Dimensions55 × 40 × 1 cm



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