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Download Drafting Tools 2018-2023 AutoCAD

Autodesk authorize :After you place an order, please provide the account registered on the autodesk official website (Register account website: autodesk.com-click SIGN IN-CREATE ACCOUNT) This is the educational organization edition, It is renewed in the last month of each year and does not show the remaining date. After we receive your account, we will authorize it. If you buy one year, we will authorize it for one year. If you buy three years, we will authorize it for three years.

once authorized successfully ,do not allow refund ,thanks

⑴Have perfect graphics drawing function.

⑵ a powerful graphics editing function.

(3) Secondary development or user customization can be carried out in a variety of ways.

⑷ It can convert a variety of graphic formats and has strong data exchange capabilities.
⑸ Support a variety of hardware devices.

⑹ Support multiple operating platforms

⑺Universal, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of users, in addition, starting from AutoCAD2000, the system has added many powerful functions, such as AutoCAD Design Center (ADC),Multi-document Design Environment (MDE), Internet-driven, New object snap capabilities, enhanced callout capabilities, and the ability to partially open and partially load.
flat drawing A drawing aid that can create basic graphic objects such as lines, circles, ellipses, polygons, splines, etc. in
various ways. AutoCAD provides drawing aids such as Orthogonal, Object Snap, Polar Tracking, and Snap Tracking. Orthogonal features make it easy for users to draw horizontal and vertical lines, Object Snap helps pick specific points on geometric objects, and Tracking features make it easier to draw diagonal lines and locate points in different directions. Edit graphics AutoCAD has powerful editing functions to move, copy, rotate, array, stretch, extend, trim, scale objects and more. · Dimensioning. Various types of dimensions can be created, and the appearance of the dimension can be customized. · Write text. You can easily write text in any position and in any direction of the graphics, and you can set properties such as text font, inclination angle, and width scaling ratio. · Layer management function. Graphical objects are all located on a certain layer, and the layer color, line type, line width and other properties can be set. 3D drawing 3D solid and surface models can be created, and the solid itself can be edited. · Internet function. Graphics can be published on the network, or AutoCAD resources can be accessed through the network. · Data exchange. AutoCAD provides a variety of graphics and image data exchange formats and corresponding commands. secondary development. AutoCAD allows users to customize menus and toolbars, and can use the embedded languages ​​Autolisp, Visual Lisp, VBA, ADS, ARX, etc. for secondary development.

Buy one, lifetime free

send doc by link,pls keep online first, send Not allow refund, if you have any question ,please let me know




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